Our Customers Say :

Read what our satisfied customers have to say about Sanam Beach House. The following are excerpts from comments that we have received about our establishment.

" One of the best experiences we ever had. Peaceful, Clean and Homely atmosphere. Ideal stay for families. Would like to come back. "

Mrs. Beena Sreekumar

Thu, 18 June 2015

" One of the best experiences I ever had. This is awesome fun. Will visit again. "

Mr. Raja, Bangalore

Thu, 18 June 2015

" Truly a Home for travelers. Had a relaxing, peaceful and pleasant stay. Everyone in our group of 10 enjoyed the experience of Sanam Beach House. Thank you. "

Mr. T M Abbas, Chennai

Thu, 18 June 2015

" We had a very pleasant stay, with lots of care taken by Mr. Suresh. he place is neat and clean. "

Ms Shyamli Mishra

Thu, 18 June 2015

" Guest house is very very neat, silent and hospitable place. And also very near to beach. Mr. Suresh takes good care of guests. "

Mr. K S Satheesh, Mysore

Thu, 18 June 2015

" Just what I needed - peace, quiet, smiles, good food, nice people and a lot of willingness to help ! A month in Paradise. Thank you all for that !!! "

Yaron (Jerome) Katz, Israel

Tue, 24 March 2015

" I've stayed at Sanam Beach House for 2 months and made it a home away from home. And this was only possible thanks to the wonderful landlord family, Mr. Ash & his wife Mythili, who every now and then fed me with home made Idlis & Dosas. For me it has been a Perfect Place, among peaceful surroundings and the most gentle of people ! Staying here I combined work & leisure, and found it most convenient the way things were here - all you need is at your finger tips. And surely a lot of my comfort and good feeling come from the presence of Suresh-jee, my friend and exclusive bodyguard, the caretaker of the place and most of all, an angel you can absolutely trust. Thank you so much ! It's been a blessing to be here. "

Anna Maria Rozanska (Anoushka) - Poland

Tue, 24 March 2015

" I enjoyed my one week stay very much. House is very clean and quiet. Our host, Mr. Ash is very helpful and flexible. Mr. Suresh is a real angel. I wish food could be a bit less spicy. "

Marzena Magnuszewska- Poland

Wed, 21 January 2015

" We had a wonderful stay. With 2 infants, we were given special services. The hosts here took care of all our small and big requests. Overall an excellent experience. Can not get any better for a family vacation away from home. "

Pushon & Aparna

Wed, 21 January 2015

" What a treat to spend time at this homestay. It is comfortable, welcoming with delicious food and kind hosts. We enjoyed playing "bananagram" with Ash, and Suresh looked after us perfectly. Many thanks indeed - Bob, Rachel, Peter, Anca & Will. "

The Damerell Family

Wed, 21 January 2015

" Booked at the last minute, but the facilities are very good. Its clean, comfortable. Very ideal for families - decent & safe. Will definitely suggest for others. "

Umesh & Venky & Family

Tue, 20 January 2015

" "Value for Money". Had a fantastic time here. The supporting staff also are very good. Thank you all. "

Sridhar LG

Tue, 20 January 2015

" Food : Awesome. Chicken curry, appams...we enjoyed it all thoroughly. "

Mrs. & Mr. Manoj

Tue, 20 January 2015

" The Beach House is quite close to the beach. We loved our stay here. We all felt at home. Indeed a truly wonderful trip.. "

The Princeton Family

Tue, 20 January 2015

" It was a very fantastic experience to stay here. The hosts are wonderful people, with humble and smiling attitude. Most important of all, the neatness and tidiness is so good here. Thank you all so much. "

Mr. H D Harsha, Hemanth Kumar, Vasanth Bhatt

Tue, 20 January 2015

" Every year we plan our outing during vacation and normally we go to Goa. But this time we decided to see Kannur and chose Sanam Beach House to stay at. Though we planned to stay only for 2 days, after seeing the environment, the services and food of Sanam Beach House, we extended our stay to SIX days !! Oh, its like living in our own home. Uncle, Aunty & Sureshettan are lovely people, who are always smiling and ready to serve us in any way. Please continue with the same services. "

Jothish Nair & Sindhu Nair

Fri, 18 April 2014

" Very homely experience with an authentic homely made Kerala food, made this trip an unforgettable one. Keep up the good work. All the best. "

Ms. Rishika Sharma & 3 others

Tue, 31 December 2013

" When we reached Sanam Beach House we were very tired, but slowly the next day we were fully charged due to "Uncle's & Aunty's" hospitality and very good food and facilities provided by them. We felt like we are at our own farm house and never felt like we are customers ! Thank you very much for your love, care and warmth ! We will come again ! Not only this, we will also suggest our friends, relatives, all the elders in our family to visit Sanam Beach House. Biriyani, fish fry, Appams, sweets...everything is so tasty and clean ! We are very comfortable. Thank you ! "

Shruti & Vijay

Tue, 15 October 2013

" Coming to Kerala is really an awesome decision for a trip. I was too much worried about food, but really here at Sanam Beach House, I never felt any kind of discomfort and had a very peaceful & relaxing stay, after a full day of travelling and reckless fun. The Puttu food for Sunday breakfast was kind of a different but amazing bellyful eating. "

Mr. Sachin

Sat, 07 September 2013

" Very nice homestay we had. Food was very tasty. Mr. Achuthan & wife cared us very well. There was no problem at all. We enjoyed a lot. "

Ms. X

Sat, 07 September 2013

" Excellent homestay, good ambiance, homely atmosphere, food was delicious. "

Ms. Jossy

Sat, 07 September 2013